Where is my copy of Volume 2?

If you just subscribed, it's on the way! If you have been a subscriber since March, 2019, then it should have arrived by now.

We're sorry to say that several shipments of Volume 2 seem to have been lost by the shipper. If this is the case for you, please reach out to us and we'll get a new copy in the mail for you ASAP. Thanks for your understanding!

How many magazines do you get with a subscription?

Three. One back issue + the next two issues released.

Ex. Subscribe in June 2019, and you’ll get a back issue*, plus Volume 3 in Fall 2019 and Volume 4 in Spring 2020.

*The current back issue is Volume 2.

When do I get my first magazine?

In the US, right away. We’re working out some shipping quirks but it should arrive within two weeks. If not, contact us. If you live outside the US, it will take longer. You’ll receive a tracking number, so you’ll know right where your magazine is.

When do I get issues 2 & 3?

Volume 2 will ship to you immediately upon subscribing. Volume 3 comes out in the Fall of 2019.

Can I order an individual copy of the magazine?

Not right now. Our heart here is to give young guys something they don’t have to think about multiple times a year. We’ve set the price point to make it easy to give a subscription, so we recommend taking that route.

Does a 5-pack come with a subscription?

Negative. The 5-pack is designed for folks who want to give a few magazines away.

Can I order a case? Or even more?

Yes. That’s awesome. Contact us and we’ll set you up. 

I’d like to change the recipient name/address/email, how do I do that?

Email us, and we’ll do it on the back end of your account.

Where to I email you?


Is the online magazine gone forever?

Nope. Give us a bit and we’ll make sure everyone has access to the old site.