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We are brothers, adventure seekers, writers, sons. We aim to explore what it means to live with authentic masculinity as we step into the many intersecting systems that compose our world today.

As of yet, the definitive exploration of the millennial world does not exist. While many people are aware that the social, technological, economic, and political developments of the last fifty years have transformed millennial experience, very few people are able to describe those changes in terms of their influence upon daily life. It’s difficult for a young man to feel like he’s living effectively, with precision, in a world where work, recreation, creativity, and public activity feel uncertain and opaque.

This podcast was born out of a shared desire to see quality content address a wider landscape than what most people would assume to be “Christian” or “masculine” or “Millennial.” The name “And Sons” calls upon the history of apprenticeship, of following in our fathers' footsteps, of a shared experience at a core level, because we are all sons, and our goal is to become students.

We use the podcast to join our audience in exploring two things. The first is how the millennial world, as a largely novel environment, works. The second is how someone becomes, over time, a person of passion, competency, and vision.

Through conversations with our peers and mentors, we aim to equip our listeners for a long-term process of maturation, exploring the young man’s experience: love, meaning, connection, discipline, creativity, work, and restoration. Through our content, we'll help young men become agents of change, as we grow ourselves.

The And Sons Podcast will be releasing in 12 episode seasons, with a new episode dropping each week until the season has completely aired. It's our intention to release a second season later this year. We hope you'll subscribe and join us.