VOL. 2

A funny story about this issue.

During production, Sam announced he planned to demo and replace his kitchen floor. Of course he meant I’d better help, so I did. We tore out tile, and then a subfloor, and then some very vintage linoleum. And then more linoleum. And then a little more.

We found a veritable baklava of kitchen floors.

 It’s an easy metaphor: however deep you go, there’s a layer deeper. Tear up the floor—there’s more floor below. That’s always true of initiation. An initiation is a beginning.

This issue, the extended And Sons team leveled foundations and joined wood, asked mentors how to love the girl, worked towards structured lives, hunted, cooked, traveled, and quit. One guy watched out for snipers in occupied Ukraine. One guy stayed out all night catching tuna. A couple dudes rode the heck out of some mountain bikes. A couple dudes worked toward a monastic life.