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69 | Ultrarunning: The Suffering Master and Apprentice August, 2018
68 | The River August, 2018
67 | Sean Buckles: When Starting a Business is Scarier than Jumping Out of Airplanes July, 2018
66 | Summer Hacks or It's Not Too Late July, 2018
65 | Study Poetry. Really July, 2018
64 | The Seminarian Question July, 2018
63 | Wendell Moss: Race, Masculinity, and Courage July, 2018
62 | Keys to Relating June, 2018
61 | No Wasted Time June, 2018
60 | The Meanings(s) of Life (and Time, Economy, Community) June, 2018
59 | Mako Fujimura: Art, "Seeing," and the Creative Wastefulness of God June, 2018
58 | The Danger of the Self-Arranging Life May, 2018
57 | Stress, Productivity, Connection - Media Rules With Blaine May, 2018
56 | Summertime Tactical: Justin and JD on the Season, Schedules, and the Habits of Adventure May, 2018
55 | Joe Steinke: Vision, Trial, Doubt, Recovery, Walking Out the Growth Cycle of a Community May, 2018
54 | What God has been Exposing Lately May, 2018
53 | Bart Gavigan: How to See Miracles and Keep your Day Job April, 2018
52 | Fathering and Patience April, 2018
51 | The Stories Our Culture is Telling, and What That Reveals April, 2018
50 | Income, Wealth, and Contentment April, 2018
49 | Sam Ainslie: The Soul at Work March, 2018
48 | Male Friendship: In the Studio with Alex and Morgan March, 2018
47 | Five Agreements that are Killing Millennials (Part 2) March, 2018
46 | Five Agreements that are Killing Millennials (Part 1) March, 2018
45 | Thirty (ish) Minutes of Questions February, 2018
44 | Michael John Cusick: Sex, the Soul, Addiction, and Longing for God February, 2018
43 | Don't Waste Your Pain February, 2018
42 | WAH Bootcamp: The Young Men's Session February, 2018
41 | The Brain, Experience, and Screens January, 2018
40 | Why Spirituality is so Difficult for Men January, 2018
39 | How to Respond to Trauma January, 2018
38 | You Need A Budget: Jesse Mecham January, 2018
37 | Morgan Snyder and the Possibility of Initiation January, 2018
The End of Season 3: And Sons Podcast Returning January 2nd, 2018 December, 2017
36 | Living Embodied : Shame, Opposition, and the Call to Risk December, 2017
35 | Tov: What it Means to be Good, with Mandy Nelson and Scott Morin November, 2017
34 | Allen Arnold and the Power of Story November, 2017
33 | Mark Evans Round Two November, 2017
32 | Four Life Lessons from Combat Writing November, 2017
31 | Hunting Stories: A Vehicle for Initiation and Presence October, 2017
30 | Know Thyself October, 2017
29 | Brett Davis: Surfing Evangelist to Evangelist Surfer October, 2017
28 | Technology (but it's not what you think) October, 2017
27 | Admiration and Emulation October, 2017
26 | Sara Hagerty: Unseen and the Hidden Places of Our Lives September, 2017
25 | Tim Thornton: Creativity and Crisis September, 2017
24 | Rhythm: Season 2 Finale August, 2017
23 | Jon Dale: Business, Growth, and Thinking Outside the Box August, 2017
22 | Feminism Part 2: The 3 Waves in Snapshots August, 2017
21 | Feminism Part 1: Hegemony August, 2017
20 | Justin Rizzo: Worship, Calling, and IHOP July, 2017
19 | The Body: Why Exercise Matters and Why We Tri July, 2017
18 | Adversity and Persistence: Padre, Interpretation, and How Do You Tell When God is Calling You July, 2017
17 | The Mid-Mission Recording July, 2017
16 | Dan Allender: On Learning to Listen, Presence, and Wholehearted Quitting June, 2017
15 | Brian Hardin of Daily Audio Bible: Art, Vocation, and the Introvert Podcaster June, 2017
14 | A Young Man's Story: Jesse Barkalow, The Classics, and Cooking June, 2017
13 | Bo Zivcak: Clandestine Church and Rebuilding Community after Communism June, 2017
12 | Season One Finale and Padre's Thoughts about It May, 2017
11 | Post-Graduation: The Body Slam and Where Expectation and Our Response Meet April, 2017
10 | Jeff Vanderstelt: The Gospel, Vulnerability, and Community in Covenant April, 2017
09 | Postmodern Drama: Where the Ideas Came From, and How to Engage With Them April, 2017
08 | Money: What Men Have Learned and What They Wish They Knew in Their 20's April, 2017
07 | Sam Jolman: Sex and the Heart of the Romantic March, 2017
06 | Three Choice Challenge: What Can You Do to Change Your World? March, 2017
05 | Young Marriage: Learning to Love Our Wives and Better Understand Restoration March, 2017
04 | Craig DeMartino: Pain, Ability, and Overcoming the Unexpected March, 2017
03 | Becoming a Father: Soul Care, Love, and the Process of Becoming Stable February, 2017
02 | Mark Evans: Risk, Craftsmanship, and Tips for the Visionary February, 2017
01 | A Young Man’s Success: Competency, Virtue and the “Bitch Goddess” of William James February, 2017

We are brothers, adventure seekers, writers, sons. We aim to explore what it means to live with authentic masculinity as we step into the many intersecting systems that compose our world today.

As of yet, the definitive exploration of the millennial world does not exist. While many people are aware that the social, technological, economic, and political developments of the last fifty years have transformed millennial experience, very few people are able to describe those changes in terms of their influence upon daily life. It’s difficult for a young man to feel like he’s living effectively, with precision, in a world where work, recreation, creativity, and public activity feel uncertain and opaque.

This podcast was born out of a shared desire to see quality content address a wider landscape than what most people would assume to be “Christian” or “masculine” or “Millennial.” The name “And Sons” calls upon the history of apprenticeship, of following in our fathers' footsteps, of a shared experience at a core level, because we are all sons, and our goal is to become students.

We use the podcast to join our audience in exploring two things. The first is how the millennial world, as a largely novel environment, works. The second is how someone becomes, over time, a person of passion, competency, and vision.

Through conversations with our peers and mentors, we aim to equip our listeners for a long-term process of maturation, exploring the young man’s experience: love, meaning, connection, discipline, creativity, work, and restoration. Through our content, we'll help young men become agents of change, as we grow ourselves.

The And Sons Podcast will be releasing in 12 episode seasons, with a new episode dropping each week until the season has completely aired. It's our intention to release a second season later this year. We hope you'll subscribe and join us.